Monday, January 17, 2011


This is a story about the Liebermann Sonata; namely, MY Liebermann Sonata.  For those of you who aren't flutists or musicians, let me explain.  The Liebermann Sonata is among the more difficult pieces in the flute repertoire.  It has very slow passages that are hard to control, and also very fast passages that are kind of all over the place.  When you take out this particular piece of music in front of fellow flutists, it's kind of a call for respect in a way.


if your Liebermann Sonata looks like this.

You may not see it very well.  Take a closer look.

If you see what resembles an animal stain, then you get my point.  First off, let me explain that this is NOT an animal stain.  This is an orange stain.  Last year I carried around this green backpack with many pockets and zippers.  At one point I had an orange in my backpack in a pocket that I didn't open very much.  I kept my Liebermann Sonata in my bag so that it would taunt me into practicing it.  Well, after so many weeks months...I noticed a weird sweet smell coming from my backpack. I didn't think anything of it for a while.  The smell got stronger, except it turned a little more sour smelling.  Gross, I know, but its the truth.  I finally figured out what it was.  The orange that I had forgotten about had smOOshed over my Liebermann Sonata, leaving it with irreplaceable yellow splotches.  Great.

So now as I pull out my Liebermann Sonata, I am ashamed instead of prideful.  Perhaps this was a lesson on pride from the Lord.

So now, as I practice my Liebermann Sonata, I try to hide it from others so they won't be like, "Did your cat think that was a litter box?"  It has helped me think of why I put such difficult music on my recital programs.  Am I masochistic?  Do I just like to show off?  Am I wanting to prove something to myself?  Maybe.  But this experience has helped me narrow down my reasons and refine them into better ones.  I don't need to play difficult music for the sake of it being difficult.  Psh, ain't NOBODY gonna be impressed with icky yellow stains all over my music.  I play the music to refine my repertoire.  I play the music because its challenging.  I play the music because it makes me a better performer.  Who knows how much longer I will be doing this?

I leave this with you as my experience teaching me not to be so shallow with my choice in repertoire.

Yours truly,


  1. Haha! I love this and I love you! That is excellent Amber!

  2. I think it's AWESOME. Carry that stain around with pride, because it means you've been living the Liebermann, and everybody knows THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES.

    My Poulenc Sonata has a leaked baby bottle stain. Nice and round and yellow and crusty. I'm tellin' ya--you gotta LIVE the music, Amber!!