Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Little Wifey

This little wifey went to the market.

This little wifey came home.

This little wifey made freezer meals on a Saturday that will make life SO much easier for a wannabe healthy couple with limited time!

Meals above include Cranberry Chicken, Taco Soup, and Beef Stew. I as the cook have the power to control what ingredients/spices/organic content goes into my meals, AND I get to save tons of time! On the day that I want to cook something, I just thaw it out the night before (optional) or I just throw it in the slow cooker and hit "start." How cool is that?!

Thanks to my dear sweet mother-in-law who provided me with such a cookbook for Christmas, I am able to spend one day in the kitchen that will last Matt and I an entire week (or more!) Thank you Chris!!! Also, a huge thanks to my sisters-in-law who gave me a new camera for Christmas! I will now be more motivated to blog about my life.

Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these dishes yet. I was going to wait to post about them until I tried them to see if they were any good, but I couldn't wait! Besides, my blog HAS been quite pathetic these last few months.

Happy New Year! And cheers to resolutions of being more efficient with time!