Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Because I Want To

How many times can we say that we do something "Just because I want to"?  If you're anything like me, you're probably that overly obsessive, time managing, constantly productive eager beaver that can't stand not doing something for school, work, or housekeeping.  After reflecting on my past 2010 achievements, I'm very happy with myself with how much I accomplished.  But I wish I could have done more about developing my hobbies.

Granted, this last year I started working out consistently, something that I have never done before.  I used to be that girl who enters the gym, gazes over the strange looking machines that remind me of what I always thought a torture chamber would look like, meet eyes with giant, intimidating meat mosters that look like they have been 'roiding for centuries, and on top of that, worry what kind of injuries I might inflict on my delicate, flute playing hands. I guess I can't take all the credit for conquering my fears on my own, since my darling husband was already exercising regularly and graciously invited me along.  He even trained (and still trains) me how to properly lift weights.  I never realized how much fun it could be!  All my life, I had imagined lifting weights to be a painful and unpleasant experience.  I was also afraid of losing my femine stature.  Contrary to what I had originally expected, weight lifting isn't painful, at least not in the way that makes you hate it.  Also, as far as cosmetics go, I look and feel more feminine than ever!  I have more energy, I eat better, and I tend to drink more water.  I also feel better about myself, which is always a good thing.

My goal this year is simply this.  Since this adventure was so unexpectedly rewarding, I want to do more things just because I want to.  I started going to the gym because I wanted to try it out, and I keep going just because I want to.  Nobody is making me, and I don't have to report my progress to anyone besides myself.  I go just because I want to.

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