Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three Bucks, Two Bags, One Me

I’ve been dying to blog about this trip forever! Sadly, graduate school has me by the throat and I’ve got my paper in a headlock so there’s a little bit of hustle and bustle. 

I went to NYC to take a flute lesson with Carol Wincenc, flute professor at Juilliard! I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture with her, but I still think that would have been a little weird to ask. Her personality was such, however, that I think she would have totally been cool with it. Oh well.

My daddy came with me on the trip, since Matt and I couldn’t afford two plane tickets for both of us to go. It was good to spend some daddy daughter time though! He sure made it a fun trip. You see, my dad has a way with people that melts their hearts. I don’t think there are many people in the world that don’t adore this man.

He was a small town chap in a city about 5 sizes too big for him. (I could definitely say the same thing about myself.) Any time we turned a corner, it felt like we were lost, though we were equipped with about 3 different maps, and NY is a grid system just like Utah. Regardless, my dad seemed to find comfort in inquiring upon every passerby we came in contact with if we were going the right way. Most of the people, if not all, thought he was so cute. They were ever so helpful, which is NOT what I expected. He would start out, “Hi. We’re new here, and we’re trying to get to Juilliard. Could you please help us?” How could you say no to that? Southern manners really do conquer all, y’all. Just sayin’.

On our walk around New York, we saw some pretty interesting things...

And people.

We had to get a few tourist shots…luckily we weren’t the only ones with honking big cameras, so we felt a little more adventurous with taking pictures.

It was only embarrassing about 40% of the time. 
The lesson with Carol Wincenc was the most amazing lesson I think I’ve ever had. She sure gave me a workout! (It was a good thing, because I paid a pretty penny for it…SO worth it though.) I played the Foss Renaissance Concerto for her, a piece that she premiered back in the 80s. She seemed pretty impressed with what she’s seen from Utah musicians so far, so I was glad to help with the reputation the best I could. I must say, it’s not every day that I see that kind of energy coming from someone who’s been in the industry that long! It was truly inspiring.

I will also say that I think I like the BYU practice rooms a little bit better, but that’s New York for you: charming as all get out, but really, really old.
After the flute lesson, my dad and I went to see a show on Broadway. The caliber of performers in New York is like none other. The MDT men were all super buff (which surprised me), and everybody could sing, dance, and act wonderfully. I’m so glad we went!

I officially love New York. I can see why there are so many songs written about the city, and no, I don’t think it’s overrated in any way. 

What is your favorite city?


  1. My favorite city is Chicago! Sniff sniff.... You forgot! Nice blog Amber! I love you!

    1. Silly mom. I could never forget that trip! :)

  2. I'm in NYC now! It is a fun place to be. What a great adventure you had.

    1. Are you living there or visiting? Either way, that's exciting!