Monday, March 19, 2012

Dopps Props

So, I’m confused. Is Doppelganger week something that happens every year? Or was it just something that happened a few years ago that everybody and their chihuahua participated in a few years back?

Anyway, I’m beginning to see a resurge of Doppelganger, and to enlighten all ye folk who are convinced that I do not have one, think again.

Cullens, watch your back. And tell all your vampire associates to stop seducing girls who are way too young for them. It wouldn’t be bad advice for you either.

I’m dying to know, who is your Doppelganger? I actually do research these things…


  1. Definitely Buffy. :) Mike thinks mine is Sarah Bareilles


    1. That's a link to pictures of SB, by the way. It looks so ugly! haha <3

    2. OMG that's totally you! It's the eyes and eyebrows especially. I covered up the rest of the face and I thought she was you!