Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Worst Part

End of March...that lovely time of year where the flowers begin to grow and the weather turns simply divine. It's perfect for a game of ultimate frisbee, a picnic, a bike ride, [insert amazingly fun outdoor activity.]

End of March...that lovely time of year where finals are looming and research projects/thesis papers are threatening to demolish all that a student has worked so hard for this year. It's perfect for banging one’s head against the computer/practice room door. What better time of year to live out of a vending machine and poison your body with processed foods galore?

The worst part? Gazing at the mountains. No joke. I mean, doesn’t this picture just SCREAM “hike me”? It’s not fair, really, that they make BYU campus so gorgeous this time of year, only to taunt a slave driven student from the library windows.

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