Sunday, March 18, 2012

Springtime Motivations

OMG I had so much fun the other day! A really close friend of the family, Tiffany, told me about a jean sale she was hosting at her house. When I got the text I thought, "I never go to any of these things anymore. It's time for a change." So I went. And I'm so glad I did!

These are LA Idol shorts (I think...I don't care what brand they are...I just thought they were cute!) and I got some capris just like them! The buttons have massive rhinestones on them, which I LOVE.While I was trying them on at Tiffany's house, I took off my wedding ring so it wouldn't get chafed on the rhinestones as I was putting the jeans on. I left it there, but didn't realize it until right before orchestra rehearsal when I was in the restroom. I thought I had flushed it down the toilet! Thank goodness Tiffany found it for me (cue: swallow heart), and we had an excuse to go back later that night to pick it up and hang out for a while. They are such fun people! My "Gaston" was able to do his Beauty and the Beast impression and I think it was a hit! (Like always.) I love having a theatrical husband. :)

Another bonus--I was finally motivated to buy some new shoes (due to the jean sale and this gorgeous weather.)

Yes, I'm pasty. Maybe this will be a chain reaction for me to spend some time outside gettin' me some gooooood vitamin D.

The shoes and the shorts are a little teeny-bopper, I know, but I guess that's sort of my style. Maybe I'll grow up one day.

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