Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, I'm done with finals.  I can't believe it!  I made it through!  And the Lord showed me many tender mercies through times of confusion in the testing center.  Seriously, I tend to have more anxiety about taking tests than I should, and when I get into the testing center, I forget things that I crammed learned.  The only time I remember everything is when I spend about 20 hours studying for a test.  Fancy that!  To actually study for a test like I would practice for a performance?  Well, not even as much as I would practice...less than that!  Unfortunately the flute perfectionist in me won't allow that to happen.  If I'm studying more than I'm practicing, I feel guilty.  Hah!  Look what a performance degree has done to me!

Now that I'm finished, and when I'm not scratching my head thinking of what due dates that I have that don't exist, I am getting more and more addicted to the show Heros (old, I know, but who has time to watch a T.V. show when you're in lawschool/music school?) while clinging to Matt's arm and trying desperately hard not to have nightmares from it, yet not admitting that the show is probably causing them, but I can't stop watching it because it's so riveting!  Yeah, I like to torture myself.  When it's not 6 hours a day in the dungeon of the HFAC, or slaving away at graduate school applications, or making a list of all the things that I should be better at that I don't have time for, it's in front of the television: this magic black box in the middle of my living room that is such a mystery to me because I never spend time with it.  I still am amazed at how electronic things work.  But I don't have time to learn about them.  Should I be sad?  Sometimes I am.  But then I remember that I'm a 21-year-old DRAMA QUEEN, ranting and raving about how I will never get to learn about science because I'm too old.  Yeah, school is messing me up.  For real.  ;)

Wow, I look at what I write and my thoughts seem crazy and jumbled.  It's probably because that's how I think.  I also notice how I never post any pictures.  I do take pictures, probably not as often as I should, but I do take them.  I think I don't post them as much because I'm afraid that if I always post the pictures that I take on the internet, Matt won't let me take as many pictures of him.  He's a lot more private about his life than I am--at least pictures of himself.  If the picture is flattering, and it's not going to some nasty site, I'm find with people seeing me look good.  It must be the diva in me.

We leave for Texas in just a few short days, and I can't wait to get out of this dad gum SNOW!  What is it with these Northern people?  They like to romanticize about the "moisture" and pray for more snow in opening prayers!  What the CRAZY?!  It's like praying for car accidents, or a broken tailbone from slipping in the ice.  I'll even see people talking about snow with their dreamy faces, like they are reminiscing on a wonderful chocolate truffle they once tried.  They'll sigh and wish for the snow to stay.  Gross.  I'll never understand it.  What's worse is when my friends from Texas wish there was snow.  I used to think snow was cool, for the first like, 20 minutes.  And then I was greeted with a friendly *kerSPLAT* and there went my affection for it.  As a friend of mine put it once, "Snow looks nice on a postcard.  It can stay there."

I am extremely excited for my schedule next semester.  You know you've been in school too long when you're excited to not have any obligations until 12pm.  You know you've been a music major too long when you're excited for all of that extra PRACTICE TIME.  Yes, I'm feeling better about the flute today.  Not sayin' it'll stay that way, but at least I'm still pressing forward.  It must be because of my lovely quartet rehearsal.  Nothing like a good Mozart quartet with excellent BYU string players to brighten your mood, especially if they are going to make you sound great on your recital.  Win.

The Chamber Orchestra is doing their tour this year in China.  It's not that I'm not excited.  But after my near-kidnapping in Paris last year (even after watching that dreaded movie "Taken") I tend to get a little queasy with the idea of going to a foreign country touring around and accidently getting lost.  Yeah, I tend to do that too.  Too bad Nicole isn't here anymore to tease me about it.

Alright, I'm hungry again.  I'll make something healthy, like tilapia.  My husband likes it when I cook healthy YUMMY food.  :)

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