Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Need a Diversion

You know those days (particularly the week or two before finals/juries) where you wake up and think, "Crap!  There is too much to do and if I plan on getting it all done, I can't have a moment of downtime!"  Trust me, its especially difficult if your body is fighting for it's help and you are required to give it 8-9 hours of sleep EVERY night or else it will, in the words of Stephen Covey, "compel you to do so."  Anyway, I'm in the middle of one of those excruciatingly stressful periods, consisting of intense longing for down time.'s back to work.


  1. Good luck. I feel ya. Honestly. Good luck. I keep telling myself it'll be over soon...

  2. Hang in there!! (Rachel, you too!!) It's almost over and then you can have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. HUG.