Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Body

If this post sounds frantic, I'm terribly sorry.  I just want to make sure I update what I want to in the short amount of time that I have. 

Trivial Experiences:
  • Matt watched "A Goofy Movie" with me last night while we were cooking dinner and folding clothes.  He has never seen it before.  I forgot how funny that movie was.  I like children's movies, okay?
  • In my Shakespeare class, I had to get up in the middle of a class presentation that was going on to get some water.  When I came back, everyone in the room had a small pile of cheezits on their desk.  I guess it was part of the presentation.  I look at my desk, and there are cheezits spilled all over my desk and chair.  Apparently the guy behind me was having a little too much fun with the cheezits.
  • In Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsal, we were practicing an overture that we are playing for the Instrumental Showcase.  Kory, our director, wanted us to start at rehearsal number "B2."  He says "B2!" and then he thinks for a moment, afterwards saying, "or not B2.  That, is the question."  Cheesy humor is pretty much the bomb.
Not-so-trivial Experiences:
  • My dear friend Nicole left for her mission.  It made me cry.  Also, my dear friend Kenzie left on her mission.  Why does everyone have to grow up so fast?  I guess all my friends could say the same thing about me getting married.
  • I couldn't find my keys before school one morning.  If I don't have my key, it is very likely that I won't be able to get into my apartment when I get home, because Matt doesn't have a cell phone on him as often anymore.  I looked around the house about 7 different times.  Finally, I did what I should have done all along.  I got on my knees and prayed for what was, at the time, an urgent matter.  I didn't want to be late for class, and it takes about 20 minutes to walk from where we live.  When I opened my eyes, I looked at the very place that they were.  Right where I had left them last.  It was my little miracle for the week, not counting all the nice things that my husband does for me each day.  :)

I love working out, and now that I can go to the gym, I am getting up at 4:30am every morning (assuming I can get to bed on time...cross your fingers) so that I can have time to pack a lunch and get ready.  It's so nice to not have to worry about moving and organizing stuff as much anymore.  Also, by getting up this early, I can't complain that I don't have as much practice time that I need.

Last Sunday I made a Mediterranean pot roast.  It was tasty...even though this picture probably doesn't do it justice.

I know I'm usually more entertaining, but my life needs to be lived.  :)  Until next time.

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