Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Little Wifey

This little wifey went to the market.

This little wifey came home.

This little wifey made freezer meals on a Saturday that will make life SO much easier for a wannabe healthy couple with limited time!

Meals above include Cranberry Chicken, Taco Soup, and Beef Stew. I as the cook have the power to control what ingredients/spices/organic content goes into my meals, AND I get to save tons of time! On the day that I want to cook something, I just thaw it out the night before (optional) or I just throw it in the slow cooker and hit "start." How cool is that?!

Thanks to my dear sweet mother-in-law who provided me with such a cookbook for Christmas, I am able to spend one day in the kitchen that will last Matt and I an entire week (or more!) Thank you Chris!!! Also, a huge thanks to my sisters-in-law who gave me a new camera for Christmas! I will now be more motivated to blog about my life.

Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these dishes yet. I was going to wait to post about them until I tried them to see if they were any good, but I couldn't wait! Besides, my blog HAS been quite pathetic these last few months.

Happy New Year! And cheers to resolutions of being more efficient with time!


  1. We must be on the same thought wavelength because I did the same thing today :)

  2. Fantastic!!! I'm about to make my week's detox salad! Or maybe I'll make it tomorrow. :) Since I mostly forgot until just this moment and it's almost ten lol LOVE